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Moving House ?

Today’s hectic pace means you’re busy all the time; whether you’re at work, picking up the kids, running errands, or trying to take some time for yourself, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. In all the commotion, where does cleaning the house fall on your list of things to do when you’ve got renovations, that big anniversary party, or a move on the horizon?

If you’re like many others, it’s not at the top, it could even be causing you to put it off. Let us introduce you to Melbourne House Cleaners. Our staff of highly trained cleaning technicians is ready to make your home spotless again, whether it needs end of lease cleaning, builders cleaning, renovation cleaning, or even after party cleaning. Imagine planning your big event, or having minor or major construction done, without worrying about the resulting mess! Our technicians actually carry checklists to guarantee they’ve touched on every area of your home that you’ve specified.

Our End of Lease cleaning services are perfect to make your old place look as good as the day you moved in. Maybe even better! Our staff will actually check off items on a Property Manager Checklist to ensure you get the most money back from your down payment on the dwelling. Our customers have even brought us into their new homes before they move in to work our magic and guarantee their new home is spotless and hygienic. Renovation messes, construction dust, you name it, we’ve conquered that kind of cleaning before.

Bond Back Guarantee

Carpet Steam Cleaning

No Weekend Surcharges

Ovens Included

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One concern our clients always have is cost. Think of it this way: what is your time worth? If you can guarantee you’ll get a higher return on your security deposit for a rental, receive a higher asking price for a clean home from potential buyers, clean up after renovations or construction, or never need to dread the post-party clean-up again, how much would you pay? The number you’re thinking is probably more than we’ll charge. Plus, our staff brings our own cleaning supplies and implements.

Melbourne House Cleaners is dedicated to bringing you peace of mind because you’ll know our bonded, insured cleaning technicians will take care of everything. To learn more about Melbourne House Cleaners, send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to talk to you today!

We specialise in the work necessary to make your home shine with after party cleaning, too. Even guests with the best intentions manage to spill food and drinks, grind crumbs into the carpet, and track dirt all over your clean floors. If you’ve woken up to a house that’s worked over by your guests, give us a call. We’ll make it look better than it did when the first partygoer arrived.

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    Terms And Conditions
    Cleaners require payment in cash prior to commencing work, this is due to previous clients not returning to pay. 
    Bond guarantee claims to be lodged within 7 days of job completion.
    Online quotes are based on the condition of the property and may be adjusted on site if extra work is required, adjusted quotes are obligation free.
    Job times are quoted in man hours and 2 cleaners work per property, eg. a 6 man hour job will be completed by 2 cleaners in 3 hours.
    Please note, we specialise in cleaning unfurnished/empty properties for people who are moving in or out and require professional cleaning.

    Home Sellers

    A fresh smelling professionally cleaned home will maximise your chances of selling. We can clean your newly built home, units or granny flat in preparation for market. It’s a cost effective way to impress potential buyers and increase your selling price.

    Commercial Properties

    Our cost competitive rates for builders and developers are some of the cheapest in the business offering fully insured professional cleaners.

    Our Rates

    Our hourly rate per cleaner is $55 per man hour which includes the supply of cleaning materials. However, this does not include carpet cleaning, which is available as a separate service. Commercial and office rates on application.

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